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Featured Customer: Poke Loa

February 21, 2018

3341 Magazine St. New Orleans, 701 Metairie Rd. Metairie and a new location at 939 Girod St. New Orleans



"Never sacrifice quality to try and lower food cost"


   Poke Loa is introducing New Orleans to a healthy Hawaiian cuisine that has been increasing in popularity throughout the West Coast.


   You walk down the serving line and build your "poke bowl" as you go. (Poke, in Hawaiian, means “to chop”.) Start with a base of white rice, brown rice or mixed greens, choose your protein like chopped salmon, tuna, yellow tail, spicy tuna or tofu, choose from over twenty different topping items and finish with one of their signature sauces.


   Marcus Graham, pictured left, has been in the restaurant business since 1997 with several high level positions to his credit. He was hired by the owners of Poke Loa to launch the new concept as well as manage the rapid growth the company is experiencing.


   Marcus revealed his "keys" to opening and managing a fast growing, highly successful "new to the market" concept.


Quality. The quality of your food must be held to the highest standards. Never sacrifice quality to try and lower food cost. A high quality, fresh and tasty product will be your best marketing tool.


Service. The atmosphere must convey a fun place to visit. When you

add our high quality food to a staff that is excited about serving food that people really enjoy you have a winning combination. To make sure we are always improving we have pre-shift and post-shift meetings to ensure everyone is upbeat and looking for ways we can do even better.


Value. Our goal is to always exceed customer expectations. Even though we have a social media manager and a well designed website, our main source of business comes from word of mouth. When customers discover a great eating experience along with a lot of value for the price, they will help you build your business.


"Since we opened in February, 2017, we have purchased nearly 100% of our seafood from New Orleans Fish House. They not only have the high quality and variety we require, their pricing is excellent and the

personal service we get from everyone in the company is second to none."