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We're more then just Seafood!

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Only the Freshest!

New Orleans Fish House believes that serving incredibly high quality seafood isn’t just an action, it is an integral part of being the absolute best. Managing our fresh seafood inventories properly and aggressively is what our customers demand. We know that serving our clientele the most prestigious fresh seafood means that they will have the opportunity to treat their customers with products that earn them invaluable reputations.

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Largest Selection in the South

When it comes to frozen inventory, our selections are seemingly endless. From high quality individually quick frozen fish fillets, to master-crafted specialty items, you will definitely find what you’re searching for. Our nearly 9,000 square foot freezer is home to an extensive and virtually never-ending supply of top-notch products.

Not only do we have plenty of fresh prod
Fresh & Frozen Seafood: Our Products
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