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  No Hormones       No Antibiotics      No Mercury

Gulf States Aquaculture is an innovative aquaculture company farm raising fish in Palacious, Texas.

Our farm is the only farm in Palacious that is actually seaside for direct access to the Fresh Gulf Waters.


Our Fish Facts:

  • The brood stock are native Texas redfish and are free from genetic enhancement. All the eggs used at the farm come from those fish and are naturally spawned and fertilized enhancing the wild genetics.  

  • These Redfish are Antibiotic, Hormone and Additive Free

  • We use specific redfish meal/feed especially designed by Aquaxcel. Utilizing their floating and sinking micro-pellets to promote easy consumption, improving availability of key nutrients for growth and immune support. This is especially important during the early stages when redfish are more susceptible to stress and disease. AQUAXCEL® feeds maintain high water stability and reduce nutrient leaching.  This ensures optimum delivery of nutrients for fast growth.

  • We also maintain strict controls of feed consumption, water quality and oxygen levels sometimes on an hourly basis when needed.  Our team runs a 24 hour operation, seven days a week keeping the fish health and growth as top priority. 


Our Farm Facts:

  • The Farm is unique by following the natural spawning season that runs between April and into November of each year.

  • Our biggest advantage is an onsite hatchery and incubation facility. The hatchery on site is to have  fish consistently year in and year out, week in and week out, so that we can produce fresh fish that are of the same size and same quality every month throughout the years.

  • After 40 days, the fish - which are referred to as fingerlings - will grow to two inches in length and at this point when we move to grow out ponds, a big key is to grade fish to keep fish of similar size together and promote a uniform size throughout the ponds, which creates unparalleled size consistency at harvest.

  • The farm is inspected and approved for operation by the following organizations

    1) The United States Department of Agriculture

    2) The Texas Department of Agriculture

    3) The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

    4) The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

    5) The United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency


We are also monitored by the FDA, who frequently take samples to maintain that we stay chemical and enhancement free.  We also do our own water quality testing monthly that promotes proper ph values and ensures that we are staying within the TCEQ guidelines.