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Born from the rich & unique culture of New Orleans, our great city, New Orleans Fish House has been a staple of quality & integrity on the Gulf coast. Since our birth in 1990, our company has always provided only the highest standards in seafood the Gulf offers, and other amazing species from around the world. We aggressively purchase products daily to ensure that we can steadfastly offer our customers a variety of seafood. As our company has grown from the small seafood house it once was, to the large corporation we are now, we have continued our passion to satisfy our customers’ needs. Today, New Orleans Fish House has become a “one-stop shop”, not only for great seafood but for a wide array of specialty items as well.  


Our team of knowledgeable and reliable salespeople have a combined tenure of over 100 years of experience. They are extremely aggressive and ready to meet any customer’s needs. As a company, we have had, and still hold, many relationships with various types of clients, from everyday restaurant owners to national grocery chains. New Orleans Fish House has always been well known for our top-notch quality & service, as well as for our seafood from all over the country, and we will forever continue our relentless pursuit of high standards and customer satisfaction.  


If chefs were considered the artists, we would be the paint & canvas to produce their masterpieces. New Orleans Fish House is large enough to use our buying power to cover any request, yet we remain family owned & operated for that genuine, personal service. We hold ourselves to the highest standards because we know that is what our customers demand. Our team knows the importance our company holds in the local and gulf coast communities, and that's why we have always developed & implemented home grown business ideas to service those areas.

We pride ourselves in our relentless efforts to always offer our customers the highest standards in seafood, specialty products, and customer service. Our mission at New Orleans Fish House is simple; “Never stray from the pursuit of excellence, and always make customer satisfaction our top priority.”

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New Orleans Fish House


A Sustainable Gulf

With more than half a million square miles of rich natural habitat, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico is home to numerous species of fish and shellfish. These abundant resources support multi-billion dollar fishing industries that supply nearly 20% of the domestic seafood available in the entire United States and provide millions of anglers with some of the finest sportfishing in the world.


In the Gulf, we understand that to continue to benefit from these resources we must protect them and the environment that nurtures them. We must ensure our fisheries operate sustainably, conserving fish, shellfish, and their ecosystems while supporting the communities and economies that depend on them.

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